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Review of The Green Man of Eshwood Hall by Jacob Kerr

Set in 1960s English countryside, this is a novel of folktale perfect for the Halloween season. Izzy's Geordie family move into Eshwood Hall when her father gets a job there. Izzy feels disconnected from her family, especially her mother and as things start to unravel further, Izzy begins to wander the countryside where she meets the haunting Green Man...

This was a novel of two halves for me. It took a while to get going but it felt like an interesting folklore set around a teenage girl. Yet this changed dramatically in the latter chapters of the novel where it turned suddenly much darker and confusing. These chapters were sexually and linguistically explicit which felt like a very disjointed turn away from the former half of the book which was more of a young-adult tale. For this reason, I felt this was an odd debut. The potential was there with some lyrical prose but ultimately I was confused about what this book was trying to achieve.

Review by Abi.

TGMOEH was published on 06/10/22 by Serpent's Tail.

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