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Review of The Grief Doctor by Jack Anderson

A place free of judgement… for a life free of pain.'

The Grief Doctor is a gripping, tension-filled thriller that is clever, claustrophobic and suspicion-filled, giving me all the best Shutter Island vibes. After Arthur’s wife dies in a traumatic way, he is wrapped up in a cocoon of grief and guilt until his mother suggests that he seeks the help of the controversial Dr Elizabeth Codelle and her exclusive therapy clinic. What transpires is a tango of manipulation as Codelle tries to clear Arthur of the pain he feels - even if it means erasing his beloved wife bit by bit. 

Within the chapters of The Grief Doctor I think you’ll find echoes of yourself to a certain degree, as we’ve all experienced both the heartbreak and evasion of death and grief. If you could, would you forget that person, just to minimise your pain? Jack has created a novel with an interesting, thought-provoking concept, which really grips you in such a clever way!

Review by Danielle.

The Grief Doctor was published on 06/06/24 by Raven Books.



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