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Review of The Grooms Wore White by Charlie Lyndhurst

In Love, Actually style, Charlie Lyndhurst's debut follows interwoven characters on their journeys through love, whether it be falling in or out of it. 

Wedding planner Jason has had enough of workplace predjudice, and when things come to a head in an online trolling war, he finds himself branching out on his own to start Extra Weddings. Specialising in helping LGBTQ+ couples tie the knot, Jason's is ultimately a feel-good story where love wins. 

Meanwhile, we also follow his recently divorced mother-in-law as she finds herself outside the cookie-cutter role of wife and mother, and his fellow wedding planner Harriet as she begins to evolve her old-fashioned, homophobic views. This is a light-hearted and easy read, perfect for fans of romantic commercial fiction.

Review by Abi.

The Grooms Wore White was published on 07/04/22 by Hera Books.

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