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Review of The Hive by Scarlett Brade

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In this debut thriller, protagonist Charlotte plans to take the ultimate revenge on her ex-boyfriend, the boxer Lincoln Jackson, by murdering both him and his new partner. Broadcasting live on Instagram, Charlotte lets her online following decide whether he lives or dies. 

With Lincoln's fate in the hands of Charlotte's followers, we are taken on a journey through secrets and lies but also loyalty and sisterhood. It's an interesting take on the dark side of social media.

While I was intrigued by the unique premise of this novel, I'm not sure it was executed that well unfortunately. For me, the writing style felt a little immature and left me wondering who this book was aimed at. However, this author clearly has some interesting ideas and should be considered one to watch for fans of revenge thrillers.

Review by Abi.

The Hive was published on 21/07/22 by Zaffre.

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