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Review of The Near Miss by Lily Joseph

I absolutely loved the premise of Lily Joseph’s debut romantic comedy, The Near Miss. It had me smiling IMMEDIATELY! Nick and Wren are strangers, although the fates have something in store for them, and if it takes a falling pane of glass to get that plan into action, so be it! Cupid is working full-time and what unravels is a stunning and hilarious plot to getting Wren, the girl who wishes for a quiet life, and Nick, recently single dad (the handsome stranger), to actually meet in person. With threads of their lives intertwined, The Near Miss is a meet cute romance with a twist, not quite like Final Destination meets romance, but more a laughable sequence of events that has you rooting for our two protagonists whilst on the edge of your seat as the both of them cross each other's paths over and over again!

I adored this book, Lily’s writing is beautiful and captivating and her ability to draw us into the characters’ lives are second to none. I feel like I actually know Nick and Wren, and what I definitely do know is that Lily has just become my comfort romance author, so if we can get another book STAT, that would be great. (*Okay* I’ll wait patiently!) Now, run, don’t walk, to get THE summer rom-com read of 2024... You can thank us for the recommendation later!

Review by Danielle.

The Near Miss was published on 10/07/24 by Bookouture.




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