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Review of The Other Half by Charlotte Vassell

For fans of crime novels, Charlotte Vassell is one to watch. Originally a lockdown project, you can tell Vassell's debut has had a lot of heart poured into it. With incisive wit throughout and an intriguing detective at the forefront, this is a crime novel with a refreshing angle. 

When a woman is found murdered on Hampstead Heath, the  most obvious conclusion is that her insufferably rich boyfriend is the culprit. What ensues is an investigation fuelled by the desire to reveal the dark truth behind a hilariously obnoxious group of upper class characters. A savage satire on the class system, set in London, this novel may be a little marmite but worth it if you stick with it.

Review by Abi.

The Other Half was published on 19/01/23 by Faber.

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