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Review of The Situationship by Taylor-Dior Rumble

Distraught after her crush comes back from America with a surprise girlfriend, Tia is hurled back into the dating scene as she navigates chat up lines and the hook up culture of dating apps. Striking up a promising online conversation with photographer Nate, Tia thinks she's finally found someone she can connect with, but when their date never happens, she struggles to get in contact with him again and fears all is lost. When she gets Nate back, Tia falls into the unknown territory of casual dating, constantly asking herself the question: what are we?

Tia is also juggling a career as a researcher for a top London newspaper. But impressing her boss is a fantasy and holding onto her love for her job is even harder. After a viral video of a Black schoolgirl being disciplined about her hair, Tia pitches a story to showcase Black women's hair, interviewing Black women and championing Black culture. The story is approved, but they need a photographer, and Tia knows exactly who to call. Working together on the project, Nate and Tia grow closer together. But she can't help but question where it is going. She is fed up of being second choice and needs to put herself first. 

The Situationship is Merky Books first rom-com, and it is utterly an unputdownable read from cover to cover.  

Review by Victoria.

The Situationship was published on 03/08/23 by Merky Books.

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