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Review of The Summer Dare by Joanna Dodd

Lucy gets a text from an unknown number: Why didn't you tell them where I was?

You know the flash of goosebumps and intrigue that you feel when reading that sentence? That is the vibe of this ENTIRE debut! The Summer Dare is a domestic thriller which will cast it’s psychological spell on you from page one! The Summer Dare spans the 25 year mystery of Maddie’s disappearance, a night that Lucy has tried to move on from. Lucy now has a perfect life, but when that text arrives from an unknown sender, Lucy is sent into a tailspin that leaves her suspicious of everyone and fearful that a secret she buried years ago will find its way to the surface.

If you’re looking for a compulsive thriller to add to your summer reading pile, you really can’t go wrong with Joanna Dodd’s tense debut - some secrets just won’t stay buried! Twisty and jaw-dropping - make sure you read it this July!

Review by Danielle.

The Summer Dare was published on 11/07/24 by Canelo Hera.



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