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Review of Unmasked by Ellie Middleton

After a late diagnosis, activist Ellie Middleton breaks down the stigma and misunderstandings society holds towards neurodivergent people, providing support and advice in this accessible guide to autism and ADHD. From outlining how autistic and ADHD traits show up, to how society needs to do more to create a safe space for disabled people, this book is a powerhouse in dismantling falsehoods and building a strong, neurodivergent community.

The book’s title, Unmasked, is at its core as Ellie discusses how autistic people and ADHDers hide their neurodivergent traits by mimicking neurotypicals and supressing their authentic selves in order to feel safe and accepted in society. Masking can appear in many ways, sometimes subconsciously, such as forcing eye contact and remaining in overstimulating environments to appear ‘normal’. Being autistic or having ADHD should not be seen as having a deficit, but rather a difference. Ellie passionately discusses how being different to neurotypical people does not make you a deficient, weak person unworthy of love and respect. One prominent theme constantly returned to in the book is how having autism and ADHD is a disability, and we need to eradicate ableist ideologies so neurodivergent people can access the help they need.

Review by Victoria.

Unmasked was published on 26/10/23 by Penguin Life.

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