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Review of Yeseni and the Daughter of Peace by Solange Burrell

The Debut Digest is absolutely thrilled to review one of the first published titles in Unbound’s new imprint: Unbound Firsts for debut writers of colour! 

Yeseni and the Daughter of Peace transports us to 1718 West Africa for a tale of fantasy and historical fiction. We follow Elewa A.K.A the Daughter of Peace as she grows up trying to understand why the people of her kingdom have been at war for so long. Thrust into peace negotiations, she is desperate to maintain the fragile truce but things become challenging when she discovers she has Yeseni.

Yesenwi is the powerful gift of time travel but when Elewa starts to experience visions of a traumatic life aboard a slave ship, she’s terrified of a new responsibility. As the Daughter of Peace, has she been given Yeseni as a tool to prevent historic injustice? But how can she do this and facilitate peace for her home at the same time? I won’t give you any spoilers but I can promise that this is a gorgeously written story for fans of fantastical history and a really interesting way to delve into the horrors of colonialism and the slave trade.  

Reviewed by Abi.

Y&TDOP was published on 1/11/23 by Unbound Firsts.

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